The seed of Mirage was planted in 2021 with the Catabolism serie which looks nothing like it. Fast forward to 2022, against the post-pandemic and pre-recession backdrop, I started to think about conveying the mixed sentiments of anxiety, relief, precariousness and liveliness.


I took the earlier series as a basis, projected it from Cartesian to Polar space, and change the base shapes from rectilinear to curvilinear. Each space offers a different perspective and a representation that distorts the other space. Together they construct parallel versions of reality - different renditions of perception.


When constructing the system, I first constructed a grid. This forms the backbone of the visual, and holds the base shape in place. After creating some base shapes, I mixed and matched them. I then applied a curated set of color palettes which are tested to work best with the shapes, and added some positional mapping to the colors. I also use Gaussian random to be more natural.

Behind the scenes

What's special about this project is that the system was so flexible that it has led me on many tangents, each interesting in its own right. I also stumbled upon several new visuals previously not envisioned.

I tried a few other things and decided to stash those, because they look so serendipitously different. They lean towards math art, and perhaps could be reserved for another day for another audience.

Here are yet some other tangents.

The output

While I coded the initial artpiece relatively fast and feels like playing - less than an hour, it takes weeks of refinement and research when I looked for meaningful variations that are coherent yet unique. Here are some of my favorite outputs.